Virtual Monitoring / Surveillance System

Businesses face many challenges when it comes to the safety and security of their organization, their assets, and their staff. Are you looking to reduce and prevent the probabilities of theft at your organization? Are you looking for a solution or service which will help you to improve employee productivity, resolve internal business disputes and reduce security-related costs? Then, having Abacus First Solutions Virtual Monitoring / Surveillance System for your business is the best solution.

Why choose Virtual Monitoring / Surveillance System:

Save Money: Depending upon the level of control and monitoring your business requires, It costs typically, 25-60% less than security guards and legacy controls.

Never Sleeps: Our Team monitors your business & sites without a blink, as we understand the criticality of the responsibilities that you have entrusted to us.

Cover multiple areas: Cutting-edge technologies that we use in Virtual Monitoring Systems have enabled us to operate and monitor from a centralized control center that integrates a different set of monitoring tools and mechanisms to keep you updated and protect your business integrity.

Records activities: As our Team and systems are live monitoring your business, video evidence is available to help in documenting an incident.

Artificial Intelligence: Our surveillance systems are capable of real-time data analysis to identify when something is not right and someone or something is not in its place as compared to the baseline that is learned by systems by identifying your normal business operation.

HR Services

  • Recruitment of crew/Managers as per client’s requirement.
  • Ensuring that newly recruited employees have proper training.
  • Drafting and documenting a personalized employee handbook based on federal and state employment laws.
  • Minor restriction monitoring by states and making sure that your business and human resource operation comply with laws regarding minors.

Third Party Orders

  • Continuous Monitoring of 3rd party portals i.e. Door dash, Uber Eats, Grub Hub, and Post Mate)
  • Validating all payments against invoices and sales records.
  • Ensure the orders are picked up by the assigned delivery person as per policy and commitment.
  • Ensuring the payments of canceled/ not picked orders are refunded or deducted as per company policy.
  • Taking care of real-time issues such as payments, refunds, portal up-gradation, contacting guests/delivery guy for confirmation if order not picked up.
  • Menu/product and price update in 3rd party portal or company’s website

Sales and Analysis Reports

  • Hourly, daily, and weekly Sales reports are shared with the client.
  • Sales Comparison report against last week for management’s perusal.
  • Forecasting and setting target of Sales and purchases for employees.
  • Forecast future business results

POS System Support

  • Create a purchase order for procurements.
  • Recording the received inventory in centralized inventory management software.
  • Create customized reports as per the client’s requirements
  • Updating sales and cash management software if prices are changed.

Time and Attendance

  • Daily, weekly and periodically duties schedule comparison with actual punch time, if any discrepancy is found it is instantly shared with management for active decision making.
  • Hourly and Weekly comparison of Schedule hours with utilized hours.
  • Creation of Weekly & Bi-Weekly Payrolls data and sharing of that data with the payroll department to process employee payroll.

Additional Services

  • Marketing through social media to increase brand outreach and sales for a client
  • Comparative market research for business to enhance their product quality, customer service.
  • Logging customer complaints on the portal and resolve all complaints with guests or customers.
  • Ensure everything is in line with the policy to avoid failure in inspections and fines by state agencies and entities.
  • By implementing theft control technologies on your premise we also make sure that there is no theft or damage to your property, inventory, and staff.

Manage Your Business Operations

  • Making sure the store/location opens on time.
  • The arrival of all employees. (our team Calls to those employees who are late)
  • Making Schedule of crewmembers for efficient utilization of working hours and reduced human resource cost.
  • Posting guest surveys on a portal to evaluate the performance of business and employees.
  • Ensure that all inventory that is required for business continuity is Ensure Shift Manager Closes the shift properly; working hours of staff are recorded and calculated properly. Keeping record if any staff skips its duties during working hours.
  • Ensure everyone clocks out at day end.
  • Ensures all employees are following the company’s policies & regulations regarding ethics and customer handling etc.
  • Clock in or out in employee’s break, to calculate working hours and their cost.
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