Tax Management & Reporting

Significant tax savings aren’t attained by just accurately filing at the international, federal, state, or local levels. They comprehend through a skilled, integrated approach that anticipates how each tax challenge influences the decisions you make to accomplish corporate and personal growth.

When you partner with Abacus First Solutions, our experienced tax advisors work alongside you at every step of your personal or business process. AFS services extending far beyond filing and compliance issues, our approach is concentrated on capturing value by strategically planning around your key financial objectives. By leveraging our vast experience in the market, we help you accomplish your goals – whether that be to expand into new markets, expand your workforce, invest in new opportunities, or provide for the next generation.

Our Tax Management and Reporting Services Include

  • Reporting of Sales, Meal and liquor Tax
  • Reporting Unemployment Report
  • Submission of Employee Wages Report
  • Filing of Business Tax Return
  • Filing of Personal tax return
  • Filing and Reporting of 1099 for Contractual employee
  • Reporting of Annual Registration Filing
  • Business Formation and closure in federal and state
  • Business tax account’s Registration
  • Handling all types of business licenses and permits (Renewal)
  • Reporting of Real Estate and Property Taxes
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